Reasons To Never Get Plastic Surgery Done

Getting plastic surgery done is starting to get as common as getting a haircut for some people now, and it has become hard to figure out whether a person’s face and body are real or not, simply by looking at them. While there may be some good reasons to get plastic surgery, such as health reasons, simply getting it done for the sake of vanity is not good for anyone. Here are a few reasons why you need to think twice before going under the knife.

Health Risks

While some types of plastic surgery may be harmless, the ones that could give you negative health conditions outnumber the safe ones. Even the safer types of plastic surgery can become fatal if it is not carried out according to the correct standards.Certain types of surgery, however, such as breast increase abscission will bring about health risks such as memory loss, joint pain and chronic breast pain, regardless of how the surgery is carried out. Existing health conditions such as diabetes or heart disease, can cause certain complications during a surgery as well, and people who suffer from such conditions need to avoid it all together.

Waste of Money

Plastic Surgery is an extremely pricey process, and going through with it may end up with you having to waste a lot of money unnecessarily. There are some surgeries such as implants that are not even permanent, and you will therefore be spending a lot of money on a temporary fix. In addition there are certain surgeries that require a recovery period, which in turn will result in you having to stay away from work. Plastic surgery should therefore be considered a useless luxury, and if you do have the desire to splurge on something, you should consider other options, with plastic surgery being the last on your list. 

No Stopping

Most people who try out plastic surgery for the first time end up doing it a second time, and a third time, and a fourth time. Plastic surgery can become extremely addictive, and make a person want to fix one part of their body after another. Once this happens the line between good looking and hideous will disappear and you may actually end up getting too much work done and end up looking way worse than when you first started. Getting addicted to plastic surgery will also result in you throwing more and more money to waste, simply to gratify your ego.

Opposite Effect

Plastic surgery may end up giving you the opposite effect or outcome that you expected out of it. Women who started out wanting to look good, may end up looking worse off due to a botched surgery. Self-esteem is another thing that may be affected in a negative way due to plastic surgery. Most people use the excuse of building self-esteem for going through with plastic surgery. However becoming obsessed over making yourself look perfect may actually end up with you feeling even more depressed over minor faults in your body that you have not yet fixed.