Miscarriage – What Is It And How Can You Escape From This Problem

Miscarriage is a dangerous threat that pregnant women face during their first and the second trimester. This is the phenomenon wherein the foetus dies due to infinite reasons, while in the womb and will be removed by following few surgical procedures. This is a type of condition where it leaves a giant void in the psychological condition of the mother and leaves them to bear the pain of loss, emptiness, sadness and confusion.
In order to reduce the chances of the death of foetus in the womb, specialists from the IVF clinic have come up with many educational systems to teach women everything about miscarriages.
There is no particular reason for the death of foetus in the womb. However, here are some of the reasons that are considered as the possible causes for miscarriage, as formulated by the fertility clinic.

Systematic disease such as Lupus, etc.
Factors related to autoimmune system
Environmental and stress factors
Endocrine disorders such as diabetes, thyroid disease, etc
Abnormalities related to the anatomy of the uterus
Cervical incompetence
Abnormalities in the chromosomes that are passed from both the parents to the foetus
Disorders related to blood clotting

Other factor that plays a key role in the cause of miscarriage is the age of women. The right age to conceive in females is in their early twenties and before late thirties. The eggs that will be released by the ovary will not contain healthy chromosome when women cross their thirties and when they become pregnant, there is no such guarantee that the foetus will be healthy. The rate of miscarriage rises when the female is in her late thirties and the male is in his mid-forties.
How to Reduce or Completely Escape from Miscarriage Problem
There are many precautionary measures that pregnant females can follow to escape from the chances of miscarriage, throughout their trimester. Some are listed below.

Remove all signs of the issues that can stress the mind bulk billing dentist in Melbourne offers effective exposure. Always remember that bed rest is as much necessary as following exercise routine. Never cross your limit while working out.
Always remember to supply Vitamin E to your body. You can follow the dosage as prescribed by your gynaecologists since, they will be well aware about your diabetes level, blood pressure level and heart related issues.
Follow the routine of massaging the uterus since healthy and enough supply of blood can keep the foetus warm and healthy. 
Follow balanced diet. You can start by taking necessary supplements that serve as the building blocks for the healthy growth of your baby.