Interested In Social Services?

Do you have your own house? Have enough food to eat? Have enough clothes? Then you are richer than you think. Trust me, there are people out there who don’t even have a slice of bread to eat, a cloth to wear or a place to stay. So if you still whine about what you don’t have, think about the people in Syria, Somalia, where thousands of people are dying from hunger, malnutrition etc.

Do you want to help people? The best solution is to be a social worker. You can help others and be really happy once in your lifetime. You can be happy from seeing the happiness of others. There are thousands of people who need our help in this world. This is not about getting a salary, but an effort to make the world a better place.

Be a teacher
Yes, you won’t get paid. But think about the happiness you’ll have from it. I’m sure that it can’t be measured. If you are assigned as a teacher, you will be able to share your knowledge with others. It will be difficult task to teach them. But once you are succeeded, you can teach different subjects which will be useful for them one day.

Be a Doctor of Social Work

Being a DSW, or a doctor of social work, you can save thousands of lives all around the world. These doctors are specially trained for particular areas. They are specialized in uncommon diseases which can be seen in countries like Somalia, Nigeria etc. Furthermore, there are mobile eye clinics in Windsor which are conducted by DSW in these areas.

Not having enough rain and living in a dry season can affect the health of those people. Under these circumstances, having mobile eye clinics, healthcare education centers, and other medical services can really save the lives of innocents.

Take care of the Elders

People feel lonely when their children leave them and plan their own life without them. The adults can’t move on with their children when they grow older. So somewhere in the life journey some children abandon their parents to continue their own journey. This is why we should take care of adults. They need affection. Looking for adults doesn’t only mean that we have to feed or change their cloths. We have to associate them. We have to listen to them about what they have to share with us. Listening to adults will make them happy. Sometimes they give us really valuable advices because they have much more experiences than us. But you need patience for this. You can’t handle or look after elders if you are quick tempered. Therefore, if you are interested in this service, ask yourself whether you can deal with them.