Common Body Ailments Exercising Can Fix

Do you often suffer from backaches, headaches or all sorts of other aches that seem to plague the modern working woman and man? Your condition may not be all that out of ordinary. A surprising number of adults between the ages of 18 to 35 suffer from aches that used to be identified with aging. Now what could the culprit possibly be? An unprecedented number of young people end up in the local sports injury clinic to undergo physiotherapy or herbal remedies for muscle and joint pain, even if these patients are not actually actively participating in any kind of sport.  The sole reason for this is the sedentary lifestyle. And the best cure that no one wants is exercising. Read ahead to find out several common body aches exercising can fix:

Instead of going to a sports injury clinic for physiotherapy sessions for your chronic back pain, try doing yoga, get more info. Yoga poses for stretching and strengthening muscles can greatly help back pain. Often back pain is a result of bad posture or weak pelvic muscles caused by a lack of activity. Yoga can fix this. In addition, you can try strength training exercises for the back.

Aching Shoulders
Who doesn’t suffer from aching shoulders these days? Sitting in front of the computer or the television all day, and typing, only leads to chronic shoulder pain. Most people try temporary remedies for shoulder pain like herbal ointment or massages. You can make that shoulder pain go away permanently by improving your posture and lifting weights to strengthen muscles. To know more about physio Oakleigh, visit

Sore ankles
It’s not only the walkers and the runners are affected by sore ankles. This condition can be a result of calf muscles being too weak to handle the workload and the weight of your body. If you have sore ankles or serious conditions like tendinitis in the ankle area, you can improve your condition by doing calf raise strength training exercises to make lower leg muscles stronger. Also, consult a physiotherapist regarding whether your walking posture is contributing to the condition.

Do you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines? Then exercising may be able to help. Exercising releases endorphins in our brains, which are hormones that make us feel good and content. The feelings of satisfaction and temporary happiness that endorphins provide may help with your headaches. It will also help to be away from a laptop or a television screen. Always consult a physician regarding benefits versus risks of exercising for your health before trying one of the above.